What dance would look good on wedding video and photos?

By yeuca

Motion video and wedding photography are tricky. I find them to be not a very forgiving media. PRACTICE DANCING, so you will look graceful in whichever dance style you choose that fits your personalities as a couple.

If you have not decided what dance would be good for your wedding, I would like to recommend a ballroom dance video, especially Wedding Dance Video by First Dance Fabulous.

First Dance Fabulous teaches the only system guaranteed to teach couples to learn to dance for their wedding in hours, not days.

First Dance Fabulous video is awesome, especially for beginners! The video teaches Foxtrot, Rumba and Waltz. Mary Pinizzotto makes the dances super simple and fun. A box step, a turning box, underarm turn and a simple dip. The focus is on poise and posture, which makes those simple steps really work for bride and groom. There are 58 minutes of video lessons, broken into 11 chapters. A couple can work at their own pace and the more they practice, the better they will feel. There is also a 33 page e-book. The video can absolutely work for anyone even though the language is mostly directed toward the bride and groom. Even after the wedding, you can refresh your memory prior to dance parties by watching the ballroom dance video.

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