Walk into First Dance!

By yeuca

“I have two left feet.” “Any music sounds so long that I don’t know how I can kill time just by swaying left and right.” “I don’t think I can even offer my left hand to my Sweetheart before the First Dance. That feels weird, because I’ve never done anything like that.” Do these comments sound familiar to you? Ok…you guys can not sway, cannot offer your hands nicely and politely to initiate the First Dance.

I understand that dance is completely foreign to you, but you can walk, can’t you? Then, walk into your First Dance. Just walk with your bride all around the dance floor, smiling and holding each other’s hands. (You can take your time doing it but do not walk twice, please) Find a good spot to start the First Dance. Do not walk like you walk to your car in a parking lot. Relax, express the rhythm through your body. Go ahead and whisper to your bride, even a light kiss will be appreciated. This technique will help you to not dance all the way through until the music is over. This trick will add some change to your monotonous First Dance and you can shorten the time for your actual dancing. If your bride can dance, though, let her initiate the First Dance with a little and subtle gesture as if she was dancing to the music all by herself. This type of choreography offers a dramatic start to your First Dance, without the man doing anything. Good luck to bride grooms with two left feet!

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