The timing matters?

By yeuca

When I dance Slow Waltz, I feel as if I was purifying myself. When I was halfway through the Waltz music, I was dancing on clouds and ready to fly with my wings to join angels, dancing with me. I never met any ladies who don’t like Waltz; in fact, it continues to rise in popularity at weddings. Many couples come in to take lessons for their “First Dance” with their favorite songs, carefully chosen for their wedding and often get DISAPPOINTED to find out that their selection of music is not for Waltz.

The Waltz is unique and danced in ¾ timing, whereas other dances are danced in 4/4 time. In addition to that, “rise and fall” features the movement of the waltz. Tempo in Waltz appears to be hard to figure out for quite a few people, which led me to write this article. There are only three beats in one note, as there are four beats in other music. Maybe that’s why it is difficult to find good Waltz music and few songwriters compose lovely songs in ¾ timing nowadays. I guess the good old days are gone or our lives are too busy and hectic to appreciate elegant music like a Waltz. What a shame! Please check the list of music in my website. “Fascination” or “In other words (Fly me to the Moon)” are good examples for excellent Waltz music to dance to. They are not new but maintain the popularity among ballroom dancers. Listen and learn about the music in ¾ timing so that you don’t have to give up Waltz for “First Dance.”

What if you want to dance Waltz but your favorite song is not waltz. My solution is to incorporate Waltz steps in Foxtrot. This is also recommendation for intermediate/advanced ballroom dancers to make your choreography interesting. For example, add “Pivot” to forge an extra beat to dance Foxtrot. Remember, you need to watch your floor craft not to break the beautiful flow of your dance direction, when you do that. For your additional consideration, wedding dress fits best for Waltz, especially for “Father-Daughter Dance”. If a bride dances Waltz with her father, Swing could be chosen for your “First Dance”, even though Swing lacks class and dignity as a special dance.

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