Strict Tempo

Every Ballroom Dance feels its best at a certain speed of music.  This is ‘strict tempo’.  The tempo can vary by one or two measures per minute.  Here are the most common tempos, in measures per minute for the different dances.

International Style

Foxtrot: 28-30

Waltz: 28-30

Tango: 32

Quickstep” 50-52

Viennese Waltz: 56-58

Cha Cha Cha: 31

Samba: 48-50

Rumba: 26

Jive: 44

Paso Doble: 60-62

American Style

Foxtrot: 30-32

Waltz: 28-30

Tango: 30

Peabody: 60-62

Viennese Waltz: 54

Bolero: 24

Cha Cha: 30

Mambo: 48-50

Merengue: 29-32

Paso Doble: 58-60

Rumba: 32

Samba: 52

Swing: 36’

West Coast Swing: 28-32

Polka: 60-62

Hustle: 28-30

No need to memorize the ‘strict tempo.’  However, beginners need to dance to the CLASSIC Ballroom Dance Music to learn Ballroom Dance movement correctly.