Social vs. Ballroom

For Social Dancers:  Most social dancers take group lessons and learn as many basic Ballroom Dance steps as possible based on their dance experience.  However, without learning techniques and essence of the dance, the dance does not look good no matter how many steps you learn.  We incorporate choreography for your routine dance pattern.  Therefore, we may teach you gold level steps, based on your ability, to make your routine dance look fabulous and exciting.  We guarantee that your social dance will be raised to showcase level and will stand out in the crowds.  You will be able to dance with confidence and enjoy yourself more.  If you have no dance experience, it is imperative that you find the best instructor with good knowledge, experiences and creativity from the very beginning.  That is the only way to avoid growing bad dance style and habit.  It is very difficult to get rid of the bad muscular memory and motion you acquire.

For Ballroom Dancers:  There are many dancers who call themselves ballroom dancers, simply because they know quite a few ballroom dance steps.  However, many of them are social dancers after all.  What is the difference between social dancers and ballroom dancers?  Ballroom dancers imply FOUR FUNDAMENTAL RULES to their dance, which are musicality, partnership, floorcraft and beauty.  To demonstrate these principles, the ballroom dancers discipline themselves and spend indefinite time to acquire the technique and style to perfect their dance.  That’s why they look phenomenal.  Many social dancers get discouraged after spending a lot of time learning the dance steps when they find themselves to not be improving as much as they hope to.  We understand why so many couples give up dancing.  We teach not only steps but also techniques and fundamental knowledge of ballroom dance to both beginners and intermediate/advanced ballroom dancers.  Beautiful Ballroom Dance choreography evolves around the techniques you will learn.