Is there any better way to start “First Dance”?

By yeuca

The beginning of the “First Dance” or ballroom dance performance is very important, and difficult. However, it could be the great opportunity to give your guests unforgettable picture moments. Taking dance pictures is hard, even for professional photographers. The best solution for that is how you start your ‘First Dance.’ Instead of holding each other immediately, face to your guests in shadow position, standing side by side. You can sway/swing to music for at least eight counts, even more. If your dance song is a Waltz, you give six counts. I usually add choreography right there. After the eight counts, bride smoothly slips into closed position, facing to groom within four to eight counts. This technique is very effective and offers plenty of time for your guests to take good pictures.

What if you are shy and are nervous about facing your guests? There is also a solution for that. Again, avoid starting dancing right away. Groom offers his left hand to bride prominently. Bride looks at his left hand and maintains her eye contact with his left hand until her right hand connects to his. Easy, isn’t it?

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