How to shine on the dance floor like “Stars”

By yeuca

Did you watch the Season 12, “Dancing With the Stars,” which ended in May? Three contenders, Kristi Alley, Chelsea Kane and Hines Ward, were chosen for the final and showed their showmanship.

Could you guess who would win this season? Right after I saw Hines dancing with his partner, Kim Johnson, I thought he would win. Why? I thought it was pretty cool and unique to dance ballroom dancing to a marching band. But yet, numerous ballroom dance steps and figures were shown throughout their performance, as well as cheerleader movements. I give Kim credit utilizing Hines’ background as a football player and his charisma, being known as a member of Pittsburgh Steelers. In the past, many finalists chose Hip Hop type of choreography for their free style dance. That’s exactly what Chelsea did. If nobody did that before, she would have actually won first place. However, it was already season 12 and we have seen so many finalists attempting similar choreography. The idea is now a little bit stale to me. How about Kristi Alley? If I were her coach, I would assign Tango with a Flamenco flavor. She is a mature woman and an actress. I would throw tapping and clapping motions along with Tango figures and have her perform a gypsy. If she desires to show off that gymnastic movement, I would save it until the last moment just to give a touch of surprise for the audience. I did not think, though, that gymnastic movement was effective for her at all. Anyhow, they all did a great job!

You can shine as a dancer regardless of whether you are a good dancer or not, if you are creative and demonstrate something different and new. That is how Hines won the competition. Do not be afraid of incorporating Latin steps into Standard or Smooth Danceand vice versa. Use Hip Hop steps for your Latin or Rhythm Dance. Many people are too shy to stand out on the dance floor. When you dance on the public dance floor, try to make a little effort to shine like “Stars” even though you may think it is enough as long as you are having a good time. And you know what, that effort goes long way. The more you entertain your audience, the more you improve your dance. If you do not want to shine, you can always dance at home.

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