Drama, Drama, More Dramam-Dancing with the Stars Review

By yeuca

Happy New Year to all ballroom dancers and to 2012!  What is your New Year’s resolution, as far as ballroom dancing is concerned?  If you do not have any, I hope you will come up with one after reading this blog.

I would like to congratulate JR and Karina!  JR proved he is a true fighter even as a dancer.  He was full of fight from the very beginning and his win was not a coincidence or luck.  He danced to win.  He clearly showed us that if there is a will, there is a way.  Most people dance just for fun, but it won’t hurt to set a goal and work up to it.  You will find an amazing difference.  Just practicing does not make you a successful ballroom dancer.  You may, though, think your dance will improve as long as you practice.  WRONG!  You may be able to learn more steps to show off, perhaps, but it is not how many steps you know, it is how you dance!  I will write more about this topic some other time.  This is a very important issue and not many people notice the truth behind that jargon, “Practice makes perfect.”

Having said that, Rob demonstrated how important it is to practice under good instruction, and how fabulous he looked when he danced with a good partner.  Did you see how he grew even as a person when he got his confidence up?  I also want to commend his coach, Cheryl.  She chose Quickstep as a free dance and her strategy and choreography was perfect for Rob.  They danced a traditional Quickstep first and then move onto a quick paced free style with all kinds of tricks like, lifting, spinning, etc.  It was fun and well done.  It was a good example that all the effort had paid off.

Personally, I think Ricki has the most potential and could become thebest dancer of the three.  So what went wrong and what can we learn from that?  Do you remember the Tango that Derek and Ricki danced, featuring the movie “Psycho” by Hitchcock?  What an unforgettable dance and choreography that was!  The silhouette enhanced the effect of the nature of the dance, didn’t it?  I take my hat off to Derek and praise him for his artistic choreography and talent.  Ricki really impressed and entertained the audience, as well.  Her posture was graceful and her performance was precise.  That is what she needed for her “Free Dance” to win.  However, she danced Quickstep and Salsa, which is a quite interesting but difficult combination.  It could have been better if it was a combination of Tango and Salsa.  I know a couple who take only Argentine Tango lessons, but no other dance.  Mastering just one kind of dance may open a new prospective and it could be a good strategy for some people.     Quest your strength and pursue it.

Do you agree that we clearly saw three different dramas?  The woman who struggled with her weight problem all her life, the shy young man who came out of his shell and earned confidence and grew up, the war hero who survived the war and a tragic accident, and yet is fighting even now for his victory in life.  What kind of drama do you have?  Whatever it is, one thing I can say is that dance is a great tool to positively change your drama!

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