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Season 14 Dancing With The Stars Review

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Most competitive season 14 is now over. What a come-from-behind victory it was! Congratulations to Donald and Peta. Their Free Style Dance was fun, fun, fun. This is a great example of the teamwork. I gather the excellent idea came from Donald and the fabulous choreography was well executed based on Donald’s athletic strength. The contrast in the flow took my breath away, especially when Donald skillfully toss Peta around his body at gun-firing speed. Their Free Style Dance was fresh, thrilled and entertaining and we didn’t see this good Free Style Dance for many seasons. I am now a big fan of Peta’s and I hope she would continue her career with Dancing with the Stars. Did you predict that Donald would win and what did you learn from this season?

Technically speaking, I think Katherine excelled in musicality, preciseness, expression and artistic quality. Nobody could beat her refinement in her placement and her graceful movement. She is an all-around dancer, and definitely knows how to present herself.

I hate to say but William put too much stress on Latin dance and by the time of final round his dance became too predictable and stale. I recognized so many same steps repeated over and over. Keep in mind that less repetition, the fresher your choreography looks. For example, the step, “New York” is usually repeated twice. Instead, do one “New York” followed by something totally different. Make the change dramatic. Be ready, though, that you need to dance harder because the more steps you add to your choreography, the harder your dance becomes. Nonetheless, William certainly let all girls dream of dancing with a hot guy like him.

What impressed me most this season is Donald’s sincere statement to his partner. “I wanted the trophy for Peta.” What a humble and kind man he is! He wanted the victory for his partner, not for himself. His comment filled me with warm love for humanity. The trust and love to his partner truly produced a power and success in this season. That is what I learned from this season and this is a great lesson for me.

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Sexy and Beautiful Rumba Walk

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 I hope you had a sweet Valentine’s Day and could show off a hot Rumba at the Valentine’s Day Dance.  If you didn’t, keep reading.

Do you fit any of these descriptions?

You’ve got hip action all right.

You like to dance Rumba.

You know Rumba steps.

Any yet, you don’t look as good as you should and want. 

Whether or not you share the sentiments, it may be time to review how you dance the Rumba.  You may be thinking that you should look great in Latin dance as long as you have the hip action.  Beginners especially place such a big deal on hip action in Latin dance and pay very little attention to Rumba walk.  The hip action happens on the count, AND then how about the rest of the counts on 2, 3 and 4?  Yes, no hip action is produced and then what are you supposed to be doing?  That’s when you do Rumba walking.

Rumba walk is hot!  If you walk with the repetition of heel, toe-footwork, you will never produce sexy and beautiful Rumba walk.  Rumba walk is very complicated because there are so many elements you need to apply and demonstrate at the same time.  All the movements make sense eventually, but feel odd at first.  You may be losing your balance, speed, contrast and all the characteristics of Rumba if your Rumba walk is not executed in a right manner.  Even the hip action is just the result of the execution of the good Rumba walk but not for making you look sexy.

Incorporate the following exercise.  Stand side by side, holding your partner’s hand.  Start with the same foot and just Rumba walk until you reach where you want to dance the Rumba.  This Rumba walk should be the opening choreography and attract your audience’s attention right away.  If not, you still need to practice the Rumba walk more.  Please remember that this exercise should be done after receiving precise instructions from your coach.  All your efforts will go down the drain if you have no idea what Rumba walk is all about.  Knowledge is gold along with good coaching that will enable you to Rumba walk like a pro.

Once you acquire this muscular memory, you can learn steps, styling and choreography.  Most people learn the other way around.  One thing I can tell you is this.  You may forget the fancy steps, styling and choreography if you don’t dance for a long time, but it is not easy to lose your muscular memory.  Take the example of the process of learning how to ride a bicycle. 

I can hardly wait to see if your Rumba is sexy and beautiful AND HOT in 2013!

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“Dance like Michael Jackson!”

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Hershel commented in response to my Blog about “Body Type”, saying “Dance like Michael Jackson.” I do not know what exactly he meant. Even though Michael Jackson was a great dancer, his dancing style was very different from ballroom dancing. However, I would like to say to many social and beginner dancers when dancing Cha Cha , “Dance like Michael Jackson.” Why? Because many people dance a Cha Cha just like they dance a Foxtrot or even a Waltz. What makes your dance style stand out? Many answers can come across my mind, but Michael Jackson successfully reflected the secret in his dance style, which is CONTRAST. Do you remember his creation, “Moon Walk”? When he demonstrated it, sharp and crisp movements followed after that. That is what I mean, CONTRAST. Yes, I hear you are saying your 4&1 steps are sharp and crisp, but many of you are just dancing a little bit faster. You need to create CONTRAST when you dance 1,2,3 steps as well. The steps f 1,2,3 should be elegant and smooth. 4&1 is a good to demonstrate the characteristics of Cha Cha. The technique will be covered in lessons of all levels. At this point, just remember “Dance like Michael Jackson” when you dance a Cha Cha!.

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