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Rise and Fall in Waltz

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One two three, one two three… Do you feel you are gliding across the dance floor as long as you chant that magical “one two three?” Rise and fall is one of the most well known characteristics in Waltzes, and it is true that the rise and fall underscores the flow of the movements and the beauty of the Waltz. Take a look at yourself dancing in a mirror. Is your head going up and down like an electrocardiogram, depicting wavy motions? If that’s what you are seeing, you are marching the Waltz, not dancing the Waltz. What you are creating is “vertical extension,” placing your weight on the ball of your foot, and then lowering yourself. Believe it or not, the motion itself does not generate flawless “rise and fall.” The rise and fall in this case results in a thin vertical line. What I mean is that it is just an extension of your height. You’ve got to create a horizontal line and volume whenever a vertical rise and fall is produced. With these two elements together, your rise and fall should come from the movements of your whole body. The best of all, your magical “one, two, three” is out of the Genie’s lamp and ready to grant you your wish, dancing the Waltz but not marching the Waltz.

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Who leads ballroom dance?

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Generally speaking, most people think a man leads a woman in any kind of ballroom dance. It is a myth! In Standard and American Smooth Dance, a lady has to lead a man to take over the momentum man creates. After receiving the speed and power, a lady maintains them until she passes them to her partner. That will help man continue to carry the speed and power throughout the course of the dance.

Then when can a lady lead a man? The best time is when a lady dance forward and men dancing backward. Weave and Natural Spin Turn are the good ballroom dance steps you want to apply with this technique. I will cover this technique during Intermediate/Advanced Ballroom Dance lessons.

If you are a bride-to-be planning your First Dance and your groom-to-be is not good at dancing, it is great news that you can lead your man! I will write about this in “First Dance Newsletter” someday.

However, a man has 100% control in leading a lady in Latin ballroom dance. A Man and a woman will lose all the speed and power right at the moment she starts leading the Latin dance. So Ladies, it is a good idea just to focus on creating the beauty when you dance Latin. Ladies, are you feeling your partner’s lead? If not, Gentlemen, you need to ask yourself if you are giving your partner clear directions and/or if you are feeling the pleasant tension in your leading arm. Ladies also have to give him time and chance to feel his lead. Do not assume what is coming next, but wait until the very last moment where you both can create great momentum by using lady’ weight shift.

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