Can you beat BLUE ANGELS?

By yeuca

I recently had an opportunity to watch a Blue Angels’ performance.  This time, I saw a lot of similarity between the Blue Angels and ballroom dancing and hoped you guys were also watching them fly.  Beauty, accuracy and speed are just a few of attributes to mention, but I wonder if you noticed how closely they were flying together?  They are absolutely unified, demonstrating perfect partnership.  Are you showing that kind of partnership when you ballroom dance?  Most beginner dancers usually fail to do so, but even experienced ballroom dancers, as well as social dancers, seem to have problems acquiring this critical technique.

A man said to me once, “If I dance close to my partner, my knees hit hers and hurt her.”  Another man said, “She may be embarrassed if my body touched hers.”  Their dance postures attested to their missing connection.  I could almost put another person between the man and his partner.  His posterior was sticking out and he was communicating with his partner with his hands and arms, as well as his legs and mouth!

 The connection in ballroom dancing is imperative to communicate with your partner.  This connection is obtained mostly (there are exceptions) through each other’s right side of body, especially through ribcage.  Without this sort of connection, you cannot carry on the performance well.  You will find yourself dancing much better if you master this skill, particularly when you perform intricate steps and figures.  You will feel you are not losing balance or dancing behind the music and speed you need to maintain in a sequence of difficult choreography.  It is a must to acquire this skill by the time you reach ‘Silver Level,’ but I regret to say there are so many social dancers who know silver level steps but lack this critical skill.  Some people make a mistake and associate the connection with dancing cheek-to-cheek, which is danced in place embracing each other.  A partner dance, like ballroom dance, requires technique of balanced ‘invitation and initiation’; even though the couple upholds the connection and never loses speed and flow.  That clearly shows the difference between dancing cheek-to-cheek and dancing with connection.  The connection enables us to dance in unified form without dragging or pulling our partner.  The technique is quite difficult and you need good instructions on this subject.  It is well worth while to have private lessons for this purpose.  I don’t want to discourage you but it takes time to achieve this goal.  I see you are casting me a baleful look.  I am only urging you not to give up if you cannot gain this skill right away.  This skill itself is actually a part of the essence of ballroom dancing.

Now, do you think you can beat the beauty of the Blue Angels and fly on dance floor unified with a partner?

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