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Have you ever ice skated or roller skated?  You come in a skater rink and start skating counter clockwise.  Everybody and his brother keeps skating the same direction over and over.  I see the same practice on a dance floor.  Why is that?  I know you need to follow the dance traffic, otherwise you will bump into other couples and you will be in trouble.  I understand we may follow some kind of rules unless you own a 2500sq feet dance studio in your backyard.  However, I would like to warn you how this mistake can cause you to form a bad habit.

When you develop a sense of counter clockwise direction, you get used to making slight turn at the four corners even though the step you are executing may not be a turning step.  Your quarter turn may end up being three quarter turn due to your extra weight shift, which may take you to a long wall, instead of LINE OF DANCE or vice versa.  Most likely, you are giving your lady partner unclear signal and may put her in a backward position longer than necessary.  The worst enemy, though, is monotonous and boring choreography.  Dancers!  We are not Grey Hound, running on the race track!

Here are solutions.  Be aware of four corners.  (Did you even realize there are four corners on a dance floor?)  Practice dancing into the corners and performing picture lines at the corners.  Dance when many people are taking their rest, especially after popular music or fast dance music. When that chance arrives, take advantage of using the whole floor and demonstrate your well- thought choreography.  The problem about that strategy, though, is music.  You may want to practice Waltz but the next music may be for Foxtrot.  Just ignore it or use iPod for you and your partner.

Good grief… there is nothing easy, is there?  However, when you learn the beauty of floor craft, you will be well rewarded as a ballroom dancer.  Beginners and intermediate ballroom dancers ask your instructor and have her make a special sequence of steps for you before you develop the “counter clockwise brain wash.”  Still worried about bumping into other couples?  In order to avoid the sort of collision also requires a cool technique that you eventually need to learn.  Right now, just use “Hesitation” with your style.

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