Dance Fitness Studio Twelve Twelve is located in Southern Maryland.  We specialize in Ballroom Dance Lessons and Wedding Dance Classes & Special Event Dance Choreography for both beginners and advanced dancers.  We are committed to making your wedding dance, as well as social dance, full of charm and glamour.  A competition level ballroom dancing choreographer will create a fantastic dance tailored only for you based on your abilities.  She will share the skills and insight she has acquired over many years. It is her mission as an instructor to equip her students with the tools necessary to experience the thrill of high caliber dances that connect Ballroom Dance with Wedding Dance.  Discover how easy it is to learn the secrets of great Wedding Dance and Ballroom Dances.

The premium quality ballroom dance instruction is offered during group dance classes and private dance lessons at REASONABLE RATES. Singles Dance Club is for singles without a dance partners. Just walk-in, take a lesson, dance and socialize with other singles. The Dance Fitness Studio Twelve Twelve is not just a dance studio but you can have fun and find friendship and connection.    

Dance Fitness Studio Twelve Twelve